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Posted by Vernive Team | 06 April 2022

In earlier times, mangalsutras were integral to indicating whether a woman was married or not. A symbol of marriage laden with gold and black beads, mangalsutras have found new meaning in today’s time and date. There is a recent trend of wearing gold and diamond laden mangalsutras that match contemporary tastes. The tastes go beyond traditional mangalsutra designs and concepts. A gold mangalsutra looks dashing and is always going to remain a classic no matter how much things change, but do not compromise on your personal style and statement if you want to experiment or remain in your comfort zone.

If you lean towards minimalism and love a soft bling, go for diamonds set on white gold. If respecting traditions and going for a traditional look, then stick to a gold chain mangalsutra with traditional beads or a long chain. You can also get it customised with some bling according to your preference. A modern mangalsutra design can be a combination of both as well.

While figuring out what suits your style and taste is crucial, it is even more important to understand if your investment is worth it or not. If your preference leans towards getting a diamond mangalsutra, then understanding the 4C’s is imperative. Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. You must know that natural diamonds that contain colour more than G/H along with clarity of VS or higher with excellent cut with 56-57 facets will be extremely sparkly. If you are interested in getting stones embedded in your mangalsutra, consider both precious and semi-precious stones. The quality of gold that you decide for your mangalsutra is of equal importance. Avoid anything below 14 karats since the chances of it lasting you a lifetime is very low.

Gold And Diamond Mangalsutra Design

While there might be hundreds of options available, pick a mangalsutra that compliments your lifestyle and surroundings. Getting a gold mangalsutra will not make sense for someone who does not wear a lot of gold tones or traditional outfits since it might clash with your colour and outfit choices. If you lean towards wearing jewel tones such as emerald green or sapphire blue, then donning a golden mangalsutra will compliment your overall look. Avoid white gold or rose gold just because they feel trendy; only go for what suits your lifestyle.

How Do I Choose A Mangalsutra?

Now that we have guided you on what to pick, how do you pick the one for you? It's pretty simple. Let the internet search engine do its job once you have narrowed down what kind of design suits your lifestyle. Do you prefer diamonds or a thin chain because it goes with your office attire? Making a list of pros and cons according to your requirements is the best way to solve this problem because you do not need to worry about unprecedented roadblocks and create a clear vision in your mind. Start with researching costs and prices and set a budget. This could also be vice versa, depending on your income and restrictions.

Can We Wear Diamond Mangalsutra Daily?

Depending on your commute, daily schedule and surroundings, you can decide on this factor. Diamonds are extremely precious and need to be taken care of, especially if your job or day to day activities require you to come in contact with circles that make it a dangerous affair. Your diamond mangalsutra, if bought from a certified place, should definitely be safe for regular wear and will also be durable but do assess the environment before making a purchase.

How Many Types Of Mangalsutra Are There?

There are many, many types of mangalsutras. Traditionally, in North India, there is a system of wearing a beaded chain that combines black and gold and a gold pendant. In Southern parts of India, it is called Thaali or Thirumangalyam. It has a long yellow thread and a gold pendant representing the goddess Supreme. Nowadays people have their own take on it and customise the size, shape and metal according to their own preferences and we highly recommend it as well.

What Is The Price Of A Diamond Mangalsutra?

The price of a diamond mangalsutra will typically be between the range of 40,000/- to over a lakh in India. This completely depends on the type of diamonds and the quantity one wants in their mangalsutra.


• Which type of mangalsutra is best?

A mangalsutra that suits your budget, lifestyle and comfort is the best kind. The options are unlimited and can be gold or diamond and with or without precious/semi-precious stones. Always go for a mangalsutra that is versatile, suits your budget and makes you want to wear or style it on a regular basis.

• Can unmarried girls wear mangalsutra?

Wearing a mangalsutra is an age-old ritual and is only meant for married women. It showcases the commitment of a sacred relationship. Unmarried girls are not supposed to wear a mangalsutra.

• What is the minimum weight of mangalsutra?

The minimum weight will range between 2 grams to 4 grams. Make sure that your jeweller weighs your mangalsutra or the brand you get it from shares this information with you. Getting a heavy chain is a bad investment and must be avoided at all costs.

• How do I choose a mangalsutra?

Getting an understanding of your cultural requirements, the versatility of the piece and your budget will support you with making that decision. Do not get influenced by the latest trends if it is beyond your comfort zone. Your mangalsutra is an investment of a lifetime and must be a carefully calculated decision.

• Is it necessary to wear a mangalsutra?

Nowadays, it is not necessary to follow customs if it does not align with your fundamental beliefs. Ask yourself if you really want to wear a mangalsutra or not and what it means for you and your married life. Do not be pressured by society into wearing one if you do not feel comfortable with the idea of it. Have an open conversation with your partner if required.

Where to buy a mangalsutra from?

Make sure you buy from brands that allow you to book appointments and let you request bespoke designs. Purchasing a mangalsutra, or any jewellery for that matter, is meant to be an extremely special moment. You must most definitely pick a place that lets you enjoy every bit of that experience. One place where you can shop for bespoke jewellery is Vernive, a platform with free shipping, 24x7 online support, and unmatched customer service. Check out their designs and website for an experience like never before.