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Free Ring Sizer | Rings Size Guide & Chart | Vernive

Figuring out your ring size does not have to be frustrating. While it is always best to seek professional guidance, there are ways to find out at home, and a few tricks if you need to find out your partner’s ring size ahead of a surprise proposal. This is your complete ring size guide to make the process as easy as possible. Regardless of whether you need to know the size of your ring finger or a current ring, we have made things straightforward. Here is your guide for measuring your ring size yourself at your home.

Ring Size Chart

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Things To Keep In Mind While Measuring You Finger Size

Time & Temperature :

Measuring the ring in cold or in hot temperature will affect the ring size measurement. Also checking the finger size at the end of the day when it is largest is strongly recommended.

Ring Width :

Wider rings feel tighter than thinner rings. Choose a half size bigger for ring widths that are 4.0 mm or more.

Comfortable but Secure :

Ensure that your ring is secure but can easily slide over your knuckle and feels comfortable at all times.

Shape of Finger :

If your knuckle size is larger than average please make sure you keep in mind the need for a slightly larger size to ensure comfort.

So, how do ring sizes work? Ring sizes have a scale of A to Z. A is the smallest size, and Z is the largest. Each letter represents the circumference of the ring in mm. Most jewellers offer half sizes so that you can get the most accurate and comfortable fit.

UK Ring Size US Ring Size EU Ring Size
C: 37.8 mm
D: 12.0 mm
A 1/2 -
C: 39.1 mm
D: 12.4 mm
B 1 -
C: 40.4 mm
D: 12.8 mm
C 1 1/2 40 1/2
C: 41.7 mm
D: 13.2 mm
D 2 41 1/2
C: 42.9 mm
D: 13.6 mm
E 2 1/2 42 3/4
C: 44.2 mm
D: 14.1mm
F 3 44
C: 45.5 mm
D: 14.4 mm
G 3 1/2 45 1/4
C: 46.8 mm
D: 14.8 mm
H 4 46 1/2
C: 48.0 mm
D: 15.2 mm
I 4 1/2 47 1/8
C: 48.7 mm
D: 15.4 mm
J 4 3/4 48 3/8
C: 50.0 mm
D: 15.9 mm
K 5 1/4 49 5/8
C: 51.2 mm
D: 16.3 mm
L 5 3/4 50 7/8
C: 52.5 mm
D: 16.7 mm
M 6 1/4 52 1/8
C: 53.8 mm
D: 17.1 mm
N 6 3/4 53 3/8
C: 55.1 mm
D: 17.5 mm
O 7 54 5/8
C: 56.3 mm
D: 17.9 mm
P 7 1/2 55 7/8
C: 57.6 mm
D: 18.3 mm
Q 8 57 1/8
C: 58.9 mm
D: 18.7 mm
R 8 1/2 58 3/8
C: 60.2 mm
D: 19.1 mm
S 9 59 5/8
C: 61.4 mm
D: 19.5 mm
T 9 3/4 60 7/8
C: 62.7 mm
D: 19.9 mm
U 10 1/4 62 1/8
C: 64.0 mm
D: 20.3 mm
V 6 3/4 63 3/8
C: 65.3 mm
D: 20.7 mm
W 11 1/4 64 5/8
C: 66.6 mm
D: 21.1 mm
X 11 3/4 65 7/8
C: 57.8 mm
D: 21.5 mm
Y 12 67 1/8
C: 68.5 mm
D: 21.7 mm
Z 12 1/2 67 3/4


Choosing the right size is very important when you are buying a ring for that special day. We have put together two types of ring size tools for measuring ring sizes of UK, USA, Germany & France for Europe. We will also send printed ring size guide and international ring size conversion chart. Order Free Ring Sizer now.

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Ring Size Guide

We have put together two popular ring downloadable ring sizer tests. Simply download and print it 100%. It is very simple and easy to use and you can easily determine the ring size at home at your convenience. It will help you shop with confidence and you will be able to choose the right ring size.

Two Types of the most popular Ring Size Tests are provided in our Printable Ring Sizer.

Option A: The Paper Test
Cut our paper ring sizer tool and use it to estimate your ring size.

Option B: The Secret Test
Use the ring that you partner wears to find out the ring size. Simply place the ring on the right circle and determine ring size.

Please note that this is only a guide and will not take into account the style of the ring. For example, if you are choosing a ring with a deep band width, you may need a larger size.

Download Ring Size Guide