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Bespoke design

A lot of jewellery is purchased for a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary, or as a token of love and friendship. Because of the sentimentality attached to purchasing jewellery and its significant importance, it makes sense to buy an item that the beholder will cherish for many years to come. This is why choosing a bespoke design can make all the difference.

Why choose a bespoke design?

Bespoke jewellery design is already an important concept in India - and for good reason. Choosing bespoke lets you customise a design to suit your individual liking, so that the jewellery is truly unique to you, and can represent your character or personality, or be linked to a particular theme or story connected to you or your life.

After all, some types of jewellery you might only purchase once in a lifetime, such as an engagement or wedding ring, or a ring to celebrate a particular milestone, so making it unique and special to you gives it much more sentimental value and appeal.

Things to consider

Choosing bespoke design jewellery demands consideration of a number of different factors to ensure that you're picking the right jewellery for you. Take your time to think about what you want from your bespoke jewellery, so you can weigh up the various options.

Research ideas

Seek inspiration from magazines and online when deciding what kind of bespoke designs you're after. Have you seen anything somewhere else that you particularly liked? Think about what you want the jewellery to look like, with regards to aspects such as choice of metals, gemstones, style, colours, etc.

Practical aspects

Your bespoke design choices should reflect how you intend to use or wear your jewellery. Are you looking for something that will be worn for very special occasions only? In which case, you might wish to go for an elaborate style of design. Alternatively, if you want to wear your jewellery on a day-to-day basis, your design ideas might need to be more practical for everyday use.


Style is important when deciding on your bespoke jewellery design, so consider if you're after a classic piece of jewellery or something with a more modern flair? Perhaps you'd like to incorporate some ideas into the design from an existing piece of jewellery or sentimental item that you treasure?


Take your budget into account when deciding on your bespoke jewellery design ideas, as this may have an impact on the options open to you. When getting a special item of jewellery custom-made, it's quite often a good investment to go for the best that you can afford, so that you don't have any regrets further down the line.

Seek professional help

With so much to think about when considering bespoke design jewellery, you might need some professional assistance to help in your decision-making. The experts at Vernive can provide you with all of the information you need while talking you through the various options, so you can make an informed decision. Contact our bespoke design team today.