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Diamond Shape Education

The shape of the diamond is distinct from the cut. Whereas the cut determines how well-crafted your stone is, the shape refers to the overall finished piece and the shape it takes.

The choice of shape is very much a personal one, so make sure you shop around to get an idea about what is available for your budget.

The most common shape is known as Round Brilliant which has 58 facets. They have higher brilliance and scintillation, and are seen as a timeless fashion. One thing to consider is that rounder diamonds result in more wastage during the cutting phase, so be prepared to pay extra for what is a slightly smaller end product.

There are a number of other more elaborate shapes that it is important to be familiar with. They are:

Princess: Square cut and with similar refractive interactions to the round brilliant. This is fast becoming a popular style due to its high brilliance and unique aesthetic.

Marquise: A long and slender shape that dates back to the days of Louis XIV. It is perfect for increasing the carat size in a given setting.

Emerald: A rectangular shape that evokes feelings of elegance and royalty.

Pear: A tear drop shape that is commonly used in pendants and rings.

Heart: The quintessential display of love and romance.

Oval: An elliptical stone with very high brilliance.

Radiant: The perfect blend of round brilliance and square elegance.

Asscher: A square with deep cut edges that is highly sought after due to its added layer of depth and sophistication.

When it comes to making the final decision on which shape you want to carry with you for a lifetime, don’t be afraid to put the popular trends to one side and choose something that you have fallen in love with. Shape is a personal choice, and one that at Vernive we can help you make in a way that truly does work for you.